Fashion Steps Out 2016 – Fashion For Everyone’s Enjoyment!

“Everybody line up… The show is about to start” – probably one of my favorite lyrics to play in my head during days when I need that extra boost of confidence. Who doesn’t like to pretend that the world is your runway? I’ve always loved watching fashion shows, I’ve been lucky to watch a couple in person, but my favorite fashion show that I look forward to every year is definitely the annual Fashion Steps Out event whereby brands take center-stage on the streets of Orchard Road and share with the public a taste of life in the fab lane.

I was lucky to be invited again by the lovely and amazing team at Clozette (love this community so much!) to attend the runway show for the 2nd time this year – and boy did it not disappoint!

As always, it was a dilemma trying to choose an outfit for the event – its one of those, “I want to be fashionable, yet comfortable” type of situations. Thankfully I scored an awesome deal with this retro-inspired jumpsuit from Marks & Spencer, put on some comfortable heeled sandals, and the combination worked!
The evening began with big fan-fare at the atrium of Paragon, where all the stars, fashionistas, and style lovers mingled and caught up amidst bursts of screams coming from fans every time a celebrity makes an appearance. The ambience was glamorous, sassy and lots of photo taking and posing for the cameras. It was really fun catching up with my girls from Clozette, as well as other bloggers too!
The gorgeous and classy Juliana of
Lovely and gorgeous fashionistas, bloggers & Clozetters!
Drinks and food by PAUL. Yumm!
As I’m barely surviving a busy first quarter of the year, I was just really happy to dress up, put on lots of makeup and get out on the town to just socialise and enjoy the evening with no other cares nor worries in the world. I was psyched to be able to put my new Tartelette In Bloom palette to its fullest test: wearing one of the frosty colors, Firecracker, wet (spritzed my brush with some MAC Fix+ Spray) on my lids – and it looked Ah-Mah-Zing!
#MOTD: Tartelette In Bloom Palette, Guerlain Liquid Lipstick, combination of Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation + Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Foundation
Must-have #OOTD shot on Orchard Road. When else will you be able to get such a chance?

The show kickstarted with much pizzazz, with dancers and their Samsung gadgets shaking to the music, and with models adorning the latest technological trends by the sponsor.
The first brand to “hit the road” is one of my favorites – Uniqlo. They showcased their latest line and I already knew I loved all of them. If you haven’t tried this amazing Japanese brand yet – make sure you do, they carry affordable but very high quality trendy clothing that’s perfect for our weather in Singapore. Plus, they have great winter-fashion choices if you’re shopping for a holiday abroad!
Fox Kids was next, these adorable kids were making everyone go “ooooh” and “awwww”.
This cutie pie in particular caught my eye!πŸ™‚
I loved how they incorporated lots of different vibes this year – they had a good combination of runway walks, dances and entertainment to keep you entertained. The music was pumping and I was bopping away in my seat – the atmosphere was just fabulous. Most of all, I love how this event includes whoever who wishes to catch a piece of the action along Orchard Road. Fashion is for everyone to enjoy!
SAM_0998 SAM_3002
Old and new girlfriends I get to spend the wonderful evening with.
The lovely ladies of Clozette – thank you for continuously providing us with opportunities to enjoy these fab events!

It was an amazing addition to my long weekend, I am glad I was able to catch a piece of the action of this year’s Fashion Steps Out, and with wonderful company too! The events, showcases and exciting exhibitions still continue in Orchard Road and its malls till 8 May 2016 – be sure to check them out yourselves!


Intercontinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort – Vietnam

Hi darlings! Am very excited to share this Travel Diary with you – it is on our amazing trip to Vietnam recently, starting off with our Da Nang stay – where we were at for about 2 days.
We stayed at the beautiful Intercontinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort, and this was the view from our room. I never thought that there was such a scenery any where in Asia, let alone Vietnam! This view right here was an amazing start to our trip as it was the first thing we saw when we woke up in the morning.

I literally woke up to the sounds of the waves crashing against the sea. How relaxing!
Easy-peasy makeup for the day – with my ItsJudyTime eyeshadow palette and my favorite Fedora hat from Forever21. That hat has been on quite a bit of journeys with me!
Breakfast at the main restaurant at the Intercontinental had these amazing marble “pods” where you can lounge and relax at while viewing the amazing architecture of the resort as well as the natural surroundings of the mountains, greenery and sea.
SAM_7373 SAM_7378
Food was amaaaaah-zing in Vietnam, I don’t think I ate one bad meal when we were there. Fruits were always fresh, and I became addicted to the delicious and strong Vietnamese coffee! I preferred having them iced, oh my god – if you are a caffeine lover like me, you HAVE to try these out. I bought home a couple packets and the coffee maker – need to find some time to make a glass… or ten!
The resort has an amazing “escalator/elevator” system that brings you down the different levels they have – Water, Earth, Heaven. Love the zen concept!
Up to Heaven anyone?
I had a super relaxing time at their first class spa – the lady who did the massage for me was super professional, it felt very pampering and exclusive. And I love the decor of the spa!
Didn’t try the jacuzzi, but doesn’t it look great? Their in-spa/hotel beauty products are by this brand called Harnn, and only after visiting Bangkok recently that I realized that its a Thai brand. The scents are amazing and so is their packaging. Oh, they have a store here together with another brand at Ion Orchard.
Happy couple!
SAM_7224 SAM_7225SAM_7253 SAM_7292SAM_7380
What I really admired about this resort (other than its excellent service), is the fact that everything is so well designed and placed, from the bigger and grander items to the nitty gritty details that they’ve put together. Da Nang has the Five Marble Mountains, and this resort has incorporated a lot of marble in its furnishings, making the whole place incredibly cooling and luxurious looking.
Resort wear!
All in all, our stay in the Intercontinental Da Nang was preeeetty amazing to say the least. If you are looking for a short trip to a beautiful and relaxing place in Asia, definitely consider this area/resort!


Oh Snapped! Gado-gado, OOTDs & Bouquet Surprise!

Hi guys! These past weeks have been pretty intense and I’m going through some sort of a life re-discovery journey at the moment. It consists of loads of self-reflection, self-improvement and most importantly self-love. I’ll be sure to update you how I get along with this journey. One thing’s for sure, I’m pretty lucky that my social circle are supportive enough of me in this journey – my bestie Wei Lin’s embarking on a similar journey too and I’m excited for both of us to find that much-needed balance in our lives!

Amidst the busy schedules I’ve been trying to juggle, here are some snippets into my life over the past month!
sfddTake-outs are a must for me and my husband – till the day I learn how to whip up a decent meal. P.S. Cafe has some of the best salads I’ve eaten – pretty much the only place where I would actually order a salad. So when they introduced Gado-Gado into their menu, I knew it was a must-try. Its really delicious, but like all their other salads, I suggest sharing!
fhhg (L) My best attempt at putting together an outfit with this quirky boxy top from Cotton On
(R) A simple outfit for a date-night, all by Forever 21
(L) I don’t usually wear white, but this gorgeous and demure dress which I got off SingSale is one of my favorites
(R) Simple outfit for work which was 1% away from looking like a uniform
20141003_133028 Duer to my busy work schedule, I very rarely get to go out for lunch. But I make a strong exception for it on Fridays when I try to spend some quality time with my friends. Here we are chilling in a local kopi-shop with some good ol’ local coffees and teas
My favorite weekend scene – propping up my recording set up for some beauty vlogs! I’m going to miss this view when we move
New beauty products screaming at me to be opened, tested, tried and adorned
One of the most classic and timeless perfumes I have had for a long time and finally used up – Lancome’s Miracle, you can’t go wrong with this one. Sweet yet mature scent that is absolutely perfect for every-day wear!
The cutest 4D coffee art featuring a bear-puccino!
Having a bad week at work is tough, but it a simple yet amazing gesture from a loved one can really change up your perspective on whatever challenges you’re facing. My sweet bestie Jean surprised me with this gorgeous and cheery bouquet of flowers one day – completely out of the blue. Now these are the small things in life that I really need to start remembering and being grateful for in life

Hope everyone’s having an amazing month so far!

Gentle Yet Effective Korean Anti-Ageing Range – DCS Nutriderm (Review)

Anyoung haseyo! My skincare wishlists have geared very much towards anti-ageing solutions ever since I turned 25. I’ve read in countless articles and books that you should start investing your time and money into applying proper anti-ageing solutions from your twenties in order to help prevent wrinkles and ensure that your skin stays supple, bouncy and youthful in the long run.
I was very excited to try out this range Nutriderm range of anti-ageing products by Dermatology Cosmeceutical Solution (DCS) that was recently launched, mainly due to the unique ingredients that have gone into them.

The products consists of Korean ginseng berry – a fruit so rare and special that it can only be harvested once every four years over a seven day period! Though other products with this ingredient fetch hefty price tags, these Nutriderm items are available at Watsons at very affordable prices. The other ingredient that really caught my attention was Jeju’s volcanic seawater – yep, you read that right. This very famous skin-loving water has rare mineral contents such as zinc and iron, which help to repair and rejuvenate skin health.

I’ve used two of the range’s items over the past month and here are my thoughts!

Ultra Nutrition Ampoule (SGD53, 30ml)
This gorgeous looking serum is my go-to after putting on my toner. First off, the packaging is beautiful, I just love how sleek and classy this glassed packaging feels and it makes my skincare journey feel so much more sophisticated. The ampoule packaging makes it really easy to squeeze the right amount of product onto my palms before I evenly distribute it onto my face.

The product feels very cooling and smooth on my skin, the perfect pick-me-up (or awake-me-up) in the mornings. This product contains SO much good stuff in it – from volcanic seawater, korean berries, to ginzeng, herb and licorice extract – they all aim at maintaining the skin’s health and at the same time improving its condition with numerous anti-ageing qualities.

It absorbs into the skin really quickly, making it perfect for the next step – the day cream.

Ultra Nutrition Day Cream (SGD41, 50ml)
I am a huuuuge sucker for day creams, especially anti-ageing ones as I strongly believe that they help in building a solid foundation for your skin for years to come. This day cream not only have spf, but also contains similar amazing ingredients as the ampoule, with additions of green tea and promegranate extract.

The natural ingredients that go into this cream makes it feel very lightweight and gentle – truly the way to go with skincare these days. You no longer need heavy, thick and intense creams to make it work; gentle yet efficient ones are my go-tos these days. Similarly to the ampoule, this cream also serves to maintain and improve your skin’s youthful radiance.

It is easily wearable underneath makeup and has been a pleasant addition to my day-time skincare routine over the past month.
It is the star and natural ingredients of this range that really make me feel pleased about wearing these products through the day. None of these products feel heavy on my skin, which is a plus – as I am not a fan of products clogging up my skin. For the kind of natural goodness that went into these products, I am amazed at how affordable this Korean range is.

Make sure you go check them out at your nearest Watsons store today – hope you can have a wonderful Korean skincare experience too!


These products were sent to my by the brand for review. This review and my thoughts are objective and honest based on my experience with these products!πŸ™‚

Yellow Nails? Whiten Them Up with LocyCare! (Review)

Hi dolls! If you’ve been following my antics for a while be it on my blog/youtube channel or instagram, you’d know that I’m somewhat of a nail polish addict. I think I’ve adorned nail color on my fingers for almost 6 years now since I picked it up for the purposes of looking “polished” for work.

My nails are mostly done on a DIY basis, and I actually find that activity surprisingly therapeutic. I love how beautiful my nails look with the warm, red tones for work and the bright, sprightly colors for the weekend. However, there’s always a price to pay for beauty, and in this case, my nails have turned really yellow and dull over the years.

So when LocyCare contacted me to try out this new product of theirs (LocyCare Nail Gel) and presented me with their #GoBareWithLocyCare challenge, I jumped at the opportunity as I have been looking for a product like this that will whiten my nails for the LONGEST time.
SAM_2685Surprisingly, none of the other brands that I’ve checked out have something similar to this. Most of them focus a lot of cuticle care and not so much about the health and color of your nails.

SAM_2676As you can see, the years of coloring my nails have made them very yellow, almost to the point that it has become a dilemma – I need to put some colors on them so that no one can see my yellow nails. And as color is being put on, the problem of yellowed nails hence continue.

SAM_2688The product is extremely easy to use – clean your nails and remove any impurities with a normal nail polish remover and place a single drop of the Nail Gel on each of your nails.

SAM_2693Once the droplets of Nail Gel is on, just use your fingers to smoothen and spread the product on your nails. There is nothing icky about the gel, its a mix of silicon and cream and dries almost instantly into your nails. The product absorbs pretty well into your nail beds.

loThe results were pretty unexpected – I couldn’t believe that this product actually works, and works pretty well at that! I documented its progress on my nails over the weeks, and you can see the stark difference, no filters added! I applied the Nail Gel once every 3 days, and kept polish off my nails for a total of a month.

SAM_3014SAM_3235Pretty amazing right? I was super psyched at the results and more importantly, this product has made me think a little more about nail care. Before it’s too late, I am now changing my nail care patterns, leaving my nails for breathe for at least 1 week without nail polish and putting on this gel cream to bring it back to look healthy and strong.

PicsArt_1425857922653This is one of those reviews where the pictures simply speak for itself. The before and after shots clearly prove that this product works and I’ve continued using it since then. You can purchase it at selected Guardian and Unity stores. If you’ve been concerned with your yellowed nails like I did, I highly recommend this product – you won’t regret it!


This product was sent to me by the company. However, this review is based on my genuine and honest thoughts. xoxo

Oh Snapped! Life Is Beautiful!

Hey gorgeous people! It’s been a while since I last did an Oh Snapped post. Life and work has incredibly hectic with loads of big changes in our lives. For a quick sum-up of what has been going on recently in my life, click here to catch my Life Updates video.

I officially start my 2-week vacation today and I couldn’t be more thrilled, nor feel more deserving of this break from work. My husband and I decided at the last minute (ie. yesterday) that I will fly over to Tokyo to meet him tomorrow. How exciting! Am glad we made the decision, and I can’t wait to hug the land of the rising sun with open arms and indulge in sashimis, DisneyLand and the chilled weather I hear they have there at the moment!

Though I’ve been pretty stressed out and busy with work, I still had the luxury of indulging in quality time with the people (and things) that I love, so I’m thankful for that. Here are some snaps!
It was honestly the best wedding I’ve ever attended, one of the 4 SS-Gals tied the knot and it was such a beautiful, fun and amazing wedding celebration. I’ll probably never forget that night, the dancing, the merriment, and most importantly spending time laughing and enjoying life with the three girls that simply mean the world to me.
Beautiful table setting at the wedding reception @ Flutes – more pictures coming soon!SAM_9835
Had a Tangs coupon and decided to try out (and splurge) on this Diorific Lipstick by Dior (in the color Star) – I’ve never heard or seen of this range of Dior lipsticks before, it costed a bomb (approx. SGD60), but the coupon helped, and it sure lived up to its price. Its incredibly pigmented, rich in color and comes in a goooorgeous and unique packaging.
And in other news…. WE MOVED! Finally made the big move and over the course of Sep-Oct, we got all packed up and ready to go to our new home. The process went very smoothly, we did it over a long weekend and we are currently in the midst of finishing up some last touches of renovation, can’t wait to show you guys the pics once its all done!
Treated the fam-bam to an amazing (and filling) buffet lunch at the Carousel at Royal Plaza on Scotts. They loved the endless array of seafood and I was just happy with the tables of desserts I tackled.
Baby-sis was jelly that mom and dad were snapping a picture together :p
I’ve been going a little accessories-crazy recently, the first purchase kicked off with this gorgeous Lapis Lazuli bracelet from Thomas Sabo which I paired with an evil-eye charm (god knows I need it) and a gorgeous golden wing reminding me to always reach for the sky!
If you guys have yet to check out the amazing jewelry pieces at Calvin Klein, you simply have to soon! Its become one of my favorite spots to find very sleek, classy, sturdy and yet affordable pieces for work. This particular ring is one of my favs – and they currently have it in various leather and metal finishing and colors.
Me and my bestie try to get ourselves away from work once in a while and just catch up during the quiet weekday and of course, indulge in some much needed Spa-Day. Its one of my favorite things to look forward to – we deserve to be pampered after all the hard work! Here we are after a relaxing session at my favorite spots, Lush Spa.
Healthy but yummy P.S. Cafe salads to kick off our day off before Spa-day!
(L) I love this Betsey Johnson bracelet soooo much, but I really rarely get to wear it out. I did pack it to my trip to Japan, looking forward to rocking it loads there!
(R) Haven’t worn this combi in a while, but the long dress + denim jacket look will never go old
I love that majority of my “colleagues who became friends” work around the same area as I do, and that I can indulge in some quality time with them over lunch whenever I want to.
Visiting Momo and her cute little babeh over a Saturday, it was super nice to just hang out with these guys. Its amazing how amazing a mom she is – I really see the motherly instincts kick in so much after she had her bundle of joy.
More Happy Family time! We had a fab time surprising Momo at her hat-themed birthday celebration – she had nooooo clue!
#MiFi with the birthday girlπŸ™‚
Don’t you think the gold glitter hat suits him to a tee! He has a knack of looking super chilled with a Caribbean vibe with these hats – me likey!

Hope you guys enjoyed these bits and pieces of happy times over the past couple of weeks. Take care!


What’s In My Makeup Bag?

SAM_2400Hi you gorgeous reader! If you’re like me, you would be lugging around with you a tiny little treasure trove, be it in the form of a pouch or bag of makeup and beauty goodies with you no matter where you go. Whether yours weigh as much as the rest of your bag or as minimal as it possibly can, a good makeup pouch is a must-have for us beauty lovers for those “just-in-case” moments.

And we all know that we’ve come up with countless of “just-in-case” moments in our head and hence the heaviness of some of our bags!

Over the years, I’ve changed up my makeup pouch several times, and this is the current one that I’m using, the Martina Pink red leather pouch which I got at Tangs. It doubles up as my lunch-time pouch, where I would add in my lunch money for my da-bao (take-away) sessions:
SAM_2392I can’t remember exactly how much I paid for it, but it was pretty affordable (approx. 40ish) for a full leather pouch. I’ve come to learn that the leather ones would last longer without the need to change them up too often. Tangs has a pretty good collection of such pouches in various colors for you to choose from.
SAM_2394This tiny gold bow just sold this pouch to me. Plus, it comes with a short and lengthened strap, so its pretty versatile to suit your lifestyle!

Now, on to my staples and must-haves in my makeup pouch that will get me through the days!

1. “Don’t Touch My Bag” Bag Hook
This is a saviour for my handbag as most restaurants in Singapore (or anywhere else?) do not provide bag stools or areas to place your handbag. Not that I’m being a snob at wanting to “protect” my dear handbag, but when you’ve saved up so much for that dream bag, the last thing you would want is to place it awkwardly on the floor or on the side dirtying your bag. Luxury handbag or not, I always use this hook to hang my handbag on the table/chair. Its truly a life-saver!

2. Touche e’Clat by YSL
Some people use it as a highlight, some use it to touch up – I use this cult favorite to fill in the lines of my face and place it on the high points of my face to freshen it up after a long day at work. Its super easy to apply on with its applicator and you can simply use your fingers to dab the product on your face.

3. Lubricating Re-wetting Eyedrops by Renu
By far, the best and comfortable eyedrops I’ve tried when it comes to wearing contact lenses. My eyes get dried up easily as I’m not too used to lenses so this is a gem when it comes to adding on much-needed moisture to my eyes. I use a few drops on top of my lenses and I sometimes even use it on its own during those really dry and hazy days.

4. Fix Plus Spray by MAC
I transferred this amazing product into a portable Sephora spray bottle to carry it around easily. I spray this at least once a day after lunch to freshen myself up especially after being out in the hot, hot, hot humid weather. I’ll dab my face with my oil control blotter sheets and spritz one to three pumps of this baby on my face and I feel like I can conquer the world again!

5. Eyebrow Pencil in Darkest Brown by SilkyGirl
Not that I touch up my brows every day, but I can’t afford for my brows to be in any way un-drawn. This pencil is a savior for me whenever my brows just whacked in one way or another – could be due to a visit to the spa, massage parlor, facial or even my own doing (ie. messing about with my hair and accidentally rubbing off my brows)!

6. Hair-Clips
These are little babies which I always keep handy with me in my handbag / makeup pouch. They are pretty much everywhere. Always useful to pin up my hair while I’m hustling and rushing around – either to secure a quick bun or to just get my fringe out of the way of my eyes.

7. Solid Perfume in Greenfruit by Inglot
One of my favorite items in my makeup pouch, this is a lovely and easy item to refresh yourself – a cool soothing scent which lasts long through the day. And its sleek packaging makes it a real talking point!

What is in YOUR makeup bag? Leave it in the comments!